Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Painting for 2

This is a post of 2's. 2 days ago 2 people (my 2 year old and myself), painted their first picture together. I tried to step back and let him have fun all by himself but over the course of an hour he kept asking me to paint with him, so I joyfully gave in. Yes, if you go back over that last sentence I said an hour. My 2 year old son painted for over an hour on 1 painting. Usually he scribbles with crayons for about 30 seconds going through as many pieces of paper as I give him. Apparently painting is more his thing. We had so much fun working together, and I think the painting turned out rather nice.

I'm planning on hanging this in his room where he can see it and remember our fun painting that we did together. After completing the painting I immediately ordered A Child's Book of Art: Great Pictures - First Words. I've already received my shipping notification and can hardly wait to flip through it and see how he likes it.

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