Thursday, November 11, 2010

Marching In Marching on

It has been too long, I know.  The sun has risen... and set how many times since I was here?  Ocean waves of time rolling in, rolling by.  Falls, kisses, goodnight tucks, story laughter, family tears. 

All those precious moments quickly passing by.  The word of God tells me that I am nothing but a vapor, a time here so fleeting.  He blesses me so greatly...all these moments, gifts undeserved.  My hands mingle with my husband and I know he was planned for me from the beginning.  This, everything all wrapped up inside my Fathers hands.  His great hands who hold me and guide me. 

His hands hold my son, precious full of light eyes, precious full of giggles eyes, who it seems will have surgery, eyes.  His dear eyes that I saw coming out of the shower when he was days old and I felt I had known him all my life.  Just beginning to see eyes, captivating me, holding me for the rest of my lifetime. 

I feel week thinking about those eyes in surgery.  My God is so good to me...His promises are here.  I cry out to my God who holds me.  My name on His mighty palms. 

My son resting in his hands that heal eyes. 

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